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12/3/19- Aerial Photography– I did a mission for a real estate client who needed photos of 20 wooded acres in McDonald County, MO. Aerial photos of a property give a nice overall view of the property and surroundings for potential buyers. Check out the photos.

11/11/19- Property Photography– I just completed a shoot for the client that requested the video. I can also do still photography that makes your property for sale look great for your listing. Please view my pricing guide from the link in the menu above. Contact me for further information.

11/9/19– Just completed a new property video for a client. If you need a video for your property or listing please contact me.

11/2/2019- Pilot In Command Services– To fly a drone for commercial applications you are required to hold a UAS Commercial Pilot Certification from the FAA. The definition of commercial use, according to the FAA, is any drone use in connection with a business. This includes many scenarios such as:

  • A Farmer Inspecting Fields
  • A Real Estate Professional Shooting Photos For A Listing
  • Making Videos For YouTube (Since Channels May Be Monetized)
  • Mapping or Land Surveys
  • Building or Roof Inspections
  • Construction
  • Any Flight For Compensation or Hire

This is not a comprehensive list but you can see the FAA has strict rules concerning commercial vs. hobbyist flying. The penalties for violation can be severe as well.

  • Flying an unregistered drone can result in a civil penalty of up to $32,666 and criminal fines can be up to $250,000.
  • Flying commercially without a Part 107 Small UAS Commercial Pilot Certificate can result in civil penalties up to $32,666 and criminal fines up to $250,000 and up to 3 years in prison.

It should be noted that the FAA is trying to keep the National Airspace safe by implementing these rules and regulations. Drones must share the airspace with manned aircraft and other users of the airspace. The safety of the airspace is the primary consideration.

The regulations state, ” To operate the controls of a small UAS under Part 107, you need a remote pilot airman certificate with a small UAS rating, or be under the direct supervision of a person who holds such a certificate.”

So what can you do if you want to fly a drone for commercial use but don’t have the need for a commercial certificate? That’s where I can help. As a Part 107 certificate holder, I can act as pilot in command and supervise your use of a drone to make sure it is used safely and according to regulations. My prices for this service are $40/hr plus $0.50 per mile for travel to and from your location. You can contact me for availability by email, contact form on this website, or phone at 870-830-4051.

Don’t want to do it with supervision? You can hire me to fly your mission. My prices start at $150/hr for pilot services. Contact me for details.

10/21/19– I just completed this property video for a real estate client. Contact me if you are looking to get aerial video for your property or for advertising your business or service.

10/8/2019– Now offering aerial video and photography to realtors in Northern Arkansas and Southern Missouri. I am licensed by the FAA as a commercial drone operator. I am able to assist realtors in producing aerial video of properties as well as many other commercial operations. You can view my demo video for real estate below. I shoot, edit and produce all videos in house. This allows for a fast turnaround on your video. My prices are very affordable. Aerial and interior video are becoming the standard in real estate listings. Give this service a try and see how it can help you sell more properties in your real estate business.

5/6/2019– I have relocated to NW Arkansas close to Harrison. If you are looking for a portrait photographer in the area please consider contacting me. I am also looking to work with new models in the Harrison, Branson, Springfield area. If you are a model or would like to try modeling please feel free to contact me. I am always interested in working with other creative people to create art. Contact me and let’s make some great images.

2/14/2019New blog post. A behind the scenes look at how I do portrait retouching. Also a look at why I believe you should hire a professional photographer for your photo shoot. Customers never see the time we spend in the editing bay making their photos look the absolute best they can be.

To paraphrase a famous photographer: “The subject is so much more important than the photographer”.

Of all the things I’ve learned as a photographer, that one is the most important. That’s the very real philosophy I bring to every shoot.

You are the most important element of the photo session.

Whether you need a business headshot or you want to go for a creative photo shoot with costumes or smoke, I want to help you realize your vision.

I specialize in portrait and boudoir photography for discerning tastes. When I accept someone as a client their shoot gets my undivided attention.

I like to communicate with my clients before the shoot and get a feel for their preferences and goals for the shoot. Whether through email or in person consultation, getting to know what you want out of your session is important to me.

My biggest goal is to always over deliver on your shoot. My greatest compliment is when a client views their photos and says “Wow, those are amazing”.

Let’s create something amazing.

Contact me today to book your shoot.

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