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I am writing this post from the Carnival Dream. Currently in the Gulf of Mexico steaming south for Jamaica at 17 knots. I wanted to blog about this trip as I have been taking a lot of photos, and I did a photo shoot in New Orleans prior to setting sail. I’ll update the blog with additional posts during the trip.

i had booked a model prior to my arrival in New Orleans for a sexy photo shoot to be shot in the hotel. The hotel is an upscale hotel on Bourbon, with perfect decor for this type of shoot. After I arrived I set up the lighting and went over my shot list we had discussed. We met and went to the room to start the shoot. One thing I have learned is that every model brings a different experience level to a shoot. Since this was Jasmine’s second professional shoot, she needed a little more time to get comfortable and start having fun. Every model brings a certain amount of nervousness to the shoot, whether amateur or professional. A lot of it has to do with being around a new guy and knowing you are taking your clothes of in front of him. My job is to make a woman feel comfortable and bring out her natural beauty. Most of the time it requires simply bonding on a human level with her. Letting her know that her input and suggestions are encouraged, and letting her start to have fun. I always show the ladies I shoot her photos as we go along. Once they see how great they look, I see them start to have fun and loosen up. That’s when the most natural smiles and poses come out, and we make some amazing images for her.

As you can see by these images, Jasmine began to have fun and she is showing a genuine smile. I think one of the best compliments I receive is when someone tells me how much they love their photos, and how much fun they had making them. The ultimate compliment is when they tell me “I would love to work with you again”.

So follow my photo trip this week as I post from Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel,MX.
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